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The Weight of Souls

Sixteen year old Taylor is cursed: if she is touched by the ghost of a murder victim, then they pass a mark beneath her skin. She has three weeks to find their murderer and pass the mark to them - letting justice take place and sending them into the Darkness. And if she doesn't make it in time? The Darkness will come for her...

She spends her life trying to avoid ghosts, make it through school where she's bullied by popular Justin and his cronies, keep her one remaining friend and persuade her father than this is real and she is not going crazy.

But then Justin is murdered and everything gets a whole lot worse. Justin doesn't know who killed him, so there's no obvious person for Taylor to mark. The clues she has lead her to the V Club, a vicious secret society at her school where no-one is allowed to leave ... and where Justin was dared to do the stunt that led to his death.

Can she find out who was responsible for his murder before the Darkness comes for her? Can she put aside her hatred for her former bully to truly help him?

And what if she starts to fall for him?

Also available as an audiobook.

The Weight of Souls

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