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I am available for school visits, festivals and events either on my own or as a part of the Edge.

Thank you, on behalf of all of our students for the fantastic workshop you delivered during the Holmes Chapel Summer School. All your preparation and support was very much appreciated!

Thank you for agreeing to appear at our literature festival this year and for helping to make it such a special event for all of us. You are such an entertaining speaker and the feedback we’ve had from your creative writing talk has been wonderful – you left a very satisfied crowd behind.

“The children enjoyed talking to a published author and through her own enthusiasm for writing they were encouraged to put their own writing skills to the test. Bryony set the children a writing challenge which really motivated the children and allowed them to be creative; because of the input they all produced something special which they could be proud of.”

"Please pass on our thanks to Bryony Pearce for a wonderful talk- the girls really enjoyed it! There was such a lot of thought provoking material in it, and it was very interesting for them to learn in detail about the process of writing a book."

Although fees are, of course, negotiable, most events are now charged at SOA rates as follows:
"day and half-day rates of £350 and £250 respectively, plus expenses; or a fee of £150 for a single session (not exceeding an hour)."

During my standard hour long session, which is aimed at children aged 12+, I discuss my own writing career, how I write and why, I talk about reading in general and how important it is, I talk about inspiration and I inspire the children to discuss ideas. Then we can do activities, such as 'Pirate call my bluff' and a Q&A.

I also offer creative writing workshops, which are of especial benefit to older students. I am happy to tailor workshops to students' needs (discussing with teachers in advance - for example focusing on plot, dialogue, description etc.). A standard workshop however, covers Structure and plot, character and voice, openings, conflict and twists, dialogue and 'better writing'. Please do contact me if you'd like to know more.

I am also a part of The Edge a group of authors who write Edgy fiction. For more information about The Edge, please click here.