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The Weight of Souls Reviews

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PHoenix Rising Reviews

Phoenix Rising is the first in a new series for young teens published by Stripes and definitely one to look out for. If you liked Philip Reeve's award winning Mortal Engines you'll love this. Very unique, incredibly fast paced and has that page turning factor that is so essential in an action story. There's a quirky parrot, three diverse and dynamic young protagonists who are pirates and a strong message about the future of our planet. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series which is being written right now.Rhian Ivory, Author of The Boy Who Drew the Future

The Weight of Souls Reviews

"X-FILES meets SIXTH SENSE through a rollercoaster of twists, truths, dares, love and the ever after." Sara Grant, Award winning author of YA novels Half Lives and Dark Parties

"Bryony Pearce is about to take the YA and Urban Fantasy world by storm ... This is a must read for anyone that enjoys a bit of fantasy mixed with reality. Bryony Pearce crafts a very believable world, and the characters come alive with every turn of the page. Especially Taylor Oh, the protagonist, she'll make you laugh with her smart wit, and keep you enthralled throughout the story where you are almost guaranteed to shed a tear or two. ... I do hope to see a second installment of this story, it's too great to leave it as a stand alone." (Michelle Blankenship, Goodreads)

"Loved it! Fresh story, interesting twists, dark secrets and a sweet love story." (Nina Decker, Goodreads)

Jet Black Ink review June 2013

"Mrs Pearces direct delivery and in-your-face style of wordcrafting brings the un-vindicated dead to 3-D in a ride that is sure to make Universal Studios V-Coaster designers scratch their chins. The story opens with a delicious shocker and keeps the momentum going from double-decker bus hopping to high anxiety pole walking." Christopher S Nelson, Goodreads

"WOW! I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this book, thought it would be good, but turns out it was brilliant!" Jay, Goodreads

"From the very first sentence 'The Weight of Souls' had me hooked. The intensely, deadly scene at the start, to the enticing scenes at the end, were captivating, mysterious and downright terrific." Magical Manuscripts

"This novel was phenomenal!" Books: The Cheapest Vacation you can Buy

The Weight of Souls Press and Interviews

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