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Written a book?

Need some help with your writing?

Unique Critique is a manuscript critique service for aspiring writers of Mid-Grade (9-12 years old) or YA (13+ years) literature.

What makes Unique Critique special?

We do three levels of report at Unique Critique:

Full report, between 16 and 20 pages, this includes a careful read of your full manuscript and will cover all aspects of your work that requires attention Report lite, this includes a read of your full manuscript with brief notes on the areas that require attention Submission package, this includes a read of chapters 1-3 and includes advice on the covering letter and synopsis

Your readers are award-winning, published writers of Teen fiction who have worked with editors in more than six publishing houses, have excellent qualifications, several years experience writing critique reports and good contacts within the industry.

At Unique Critique we understand that cost can be an issue and aim to keep our costs down, by cutting out the middle-man. You will be dealing directly with your reader.

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