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email: enquiry@uniquecritique.co.uk
Full report, between 10 and 20 pages, this includes a careful read of your full manuscript and will cover all aspects of your work that requires attention Report lite, this includes a read of your full manuscript with brief notes on the areas that require attention Submission package, this includes a read of chapters 1-3 and includes advice on the covering letter and synopsis

75 basic plus 4 per 1000 words

50 basic plus 2 per 1000 words

100 MG, 150 YA

For a speed read service (turnaround within one week of payment) please add 50p per 1000 words

So, for a 100,000 word YA manuscript requiring a full report, the cost would be 475. For a speed read, that cost would increase to 525.

For a 50,000 word MG manuscript requiring a Lite report, the cost would be 150.

Please bear in mind that a speed read service is not always available.

To commission a report from Unique Critique, please contact us via our email, above or fill in the following form:

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We aim to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours.